About red ink

Red Ink makes websites. And does data.

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Red Ink is part of the Common Knowledge network – a collective of freelancers and small businesses who work together to provide consulting services to the not for profit sector.

By working collectively, we’re able to provide ambitious and comprehensive services to clients.

Red Ink works with clients in the not for profit and commercial sectors and we’re a WordPress and Database specialist.

What we do


This is the main string to our bow...


Clear visual thinking can make a big difference to your business.


Your organisation has a huge amount of information locked up in its data. We can free it.

What we do

We help our clients use technology to communicate and to work more effectively.


Using mySQL, SQL Server and good old fashioned MS Access, we’re like a data blacksmith; we hammer your data into shape.


We can build your website to your design or design a website from square one.


WordPress is the best thing ever but in can be a little tricky to get exactly right. We can help.


Mailchimp, templates, campaigns. All this and more. We do it.



WordPress update and Maintenance services (£20 / month)

Let’s face it, updating plugins and the WordPress core is a bit of a faff. But it is vital for the security of your website. So let us keep your WordPress installation up to date for you. The price includes all major and point upgrades of WordPress and all plugins (up to a maximum of 20). If any problems arise that need us to fix them, these will be costed separately. Or you can pay £30 / month and then all fixes are included.

WordPress backup services (£20 / month)

If something goes wrong with your WordPress site, you’re going to be really glad you chose to back up your installation of WordPress to our cloud storage.

Data Migration (£ask)

Move your existing data from any CMS to WordPress – or from anywhere to anywhere else. We are rather obsessed with data and we love this sort of thing and we’ve done it for clients big and small.

WordPress security (£120 one-off then £30 / month)

WordPress is a pretty secure platform but, as the world’s most popular CMS, it is a popular target for naughty people. We can set up your WordPress website so that you are up-to-date and secure from attack.

WORDPRESS Hack recovery (up to £500)

If the worst happens and you’ve been hacked. We can help. We offer a no-fix no-fee guarantee and, not only do we charge only for the time it takes to fix, but we will also cap the charge at £500 so you know you’re going to be able to afford the work.


We’re fortunate to work with some great people and organisations.

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